About Us

Sejal Anujah ShahHaving graduated with a BA(Hons) degree in Fashion Atelier from the University for the Creative Arts and gained experience working for couture labels, the label has been founded by designer and seamstress Sejal Anujah Shah, bringing together a revival of traditional couture techniques such as corsetry and tailoring.

As a brand, Sejal Anujah Shah aims to bring unity between cultures through fashion. Growing up in a culture so different to that of your family heritage can be a difficult road to navigate. It is from this clash of persona’s that Sejal Anujah Shah the brand was born. An encapsulation of the multitude of layers we all carry through our identity, Sejal Anujah Shah allows the wearer to stand out from the norm while uniting us as a society.

With all outfits designed and produced in house, we strive to create exclusive styles, pairing together classically sophisticated ensembles with Indian influences for women of all shapes and sizes. With a desire for opulence, the label wants to bring the time-honoured couture approach of bespoke, made-to-measure to all. In a world where everything is fast paced, the importance of investing in timeless pieces made with care attentiveness is not beyond us.

An understanding of what is involved in the designing and making of garments and collections means that we are able to work with each client individually to design the desired ensemble to specification before producing the outfits to a superior quality.

Embodying ageless couture techniques that encapsulate modern aesthetics and pulling on Sejal’s Indian heritage we are able to create classic styles with a twist. The appeal of the atelier is the undoubtedly generous approach to colour, silhouette and finer details. A focus on artisanal techniques and attentiveness to finishes come together to complement the individual design and evolve each creation to a higher calibre.

Our designs are selected for the classic, minimalist style. Fabrics and their combinations are selected for their exclusive superiority, longevity and luxuriousness. An unlimited array of silks, crepes, wools and others allow us to fully immerse you in to our world of glamour and sophistication.

With a penchant for bespoke design, we also provide an alteration service on our sister label ANU by Sejal Anujah Shah, honing in on the couture specific details for long lasting wardrobe staples.

Sejal Anujah Shah neither belongs to the East nor the West, instead, it brings together the desire to represent the different sides to your identity in a look of nonconformist cuts and unusual choices. Designs for the woman that wants more. We want to enable women to express themselves and own their decisions entirely.

Here at Sejal Anujah Shah, the possibilities for individuality and elegance are endless.