Here at Sejal Anujah Shah we offer a bespoke, couture service. The ultimate form of fashion luxury, this service provides each individual a unique opportunity to bring their dreams to life. The nature of couture allows for the creation of one of kind gowns or outfits, ensuring every detail is perfectly executed. As a Sejal Anujah Shah client, you will work together with the designers boundless imagination as you strive for flawlessness. 

5 step process


The process begins at our London studio, where you will meet the designer and discuss your requirements and all or any ideas you have. This is the time to discuss styles of outfits - brainstorming a range of possibilities in fabrics, colours, embroidery and budget. This will provide a starting point for the design process.

After confirming the commission, we will start the design process. Using all of the ideas discussed, we will sketch potential ideas and send them over for you to choose from. Along with this we will compile a mood board of fabric swatches and embroidery styles. This is the point at which you are able to review the designs and make changes.

Once a design is settled upon, we will start the sampling process. Body measurements are taken in the initial consultation so from these, we will develop a ‘toile’- a sample garment made in a plain fabric. This helps us appraise the structure and fit of the design and allows you to visual the style in person. Embroidery designs will be developed and sampled so that a swatch can be presented for your approval with the toile.

Having fitted the sample and approved the embroidery, we will begin working on the final garment. Using the highest quality fabrics, embroidery materials and components, we will our expertly craft and construct your outfit with utmost attention.

After the final production, you will be invited in for a final fitting. This is where we can assess any final tweaks required and you can see your fairytale come to life.


As an entirely customised service, selections can vary greatly, therefore prices will too. You will be provided with an indicative price after the initial consultation. This will be reviewed and may change in accordance with the final design.

The process requires a number of visits to the studio for fittings so allow for a minimum of 6 months for delivery after commissioning your unique, couture design.

An express service may be accommodated where possible but may incur a high price.