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Ahhhhh finally time for a bit of self love!

I’ve taken the weekend off for the first time in so many months and all I can think about is writing this post and all the other work I have on. Taking time for myself was well overdue. It’s been a rollercoaster of a year so far and we are only at the beginning.

Doing things that make me feel at peace has left me revitalised and ready to take on the new few weeks. Lets be honest, there was a whole load of napping!

It can be very difficult to make time in a busy schedule for ‘me time’. Having hit a brick wall, I had to learn that more then it being a choice, it’s essential. Not only is it helping me in the business but on a personal level – it can be rough.

Here are a few of my favourite relaxing things to do:

  • Light candles in my room
  • A bit of yoga
  • Catching up on sleep
  • Going for a walk with some good music

One of the biggest things I carry through our ethos at Sejal Anujah Shah is body confidence. Feeling comfortable in your own skin; free to be how you want to be.

Now, I’ve spent the past few weeks getting hung up on the small things. I’ve felt a complete lack of confidence…trust me when I say that the irony is not lost on me. How can someone who claims to be joining the fight on being body confident and loving oneself actually lack in these exact things?

It’s pretty simple really. These days we tend to spend hours and hours scrolling through social media (I’m guilty of this). What we get used to seeing is what we inevitably begin to compare ourselves to. Beautiful girls of all shapes and sizes owning what their mama’s gave them. It’s so easy to get caught up in the image on the screen. Most of the time you don’t know the story behind the picture; if it’s been edited at all or if (and this is a biggie) if they’ve donned a pair of Spanx of not.

Being Asian, my not being super skinny has been brought to my attention on numerous occasions. The hardest thing is being self-assured when other around you don’t have you back per se. You may not know me, you may not know what issues I have and you most certainly know that you’ve hit a chord of my insecurities. Where these insecurities came from I don’t know, one thing I do know is that looking good and feeling fierce definitely helps me to battle these feelings.

Lets bring it back to the label and how we are working self love into how we work. We are a bespoke label. With the exception of our sister label ‘ANU’ by Sejal Anujah Shah, everything is a unique piece designed for each individual. From bridal outfits and gowns to that power dress for the boss lady of today – we’ve got you covered!

Sejal Anujah Shah has been founded with the understanding that every individual is different in shape, size, likes and dislikes. While not everything may suit everyone who walks into our atelier, being able to help them bring their visions to life and have them feeling like a million dollars is what we do.

Our aim is to make sure that whatever a person comes in for, they leave feeling confident and like their best selves. Self expression is absolutely key and what better way to that then with fashion? The label mixes together my Eastern heritage and British upbringing in heavenly unity (or so I say). Being able to represent my background fully gives me the confidence I need and as I always say – why design something for someone if you would’t wear it yourself?

It’s time to exhale the bullshit and inhale all the self love!

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