Ready to Wear

ANU by Sejal Anujah Shah is a ready to wear line of items that perfectly encapsulate the ever changing persona of modern society.

In a stark contrast to our bespoke label, ANU by Sejal Anujah Shah takes on a more contemporary aesthetic. Ready to wear and easy to style in multiple ways, this line is more about being self expressive and edgy. What started with a bomber jacket and a jumpsuit for Sejal made from her mums vintage silk sari, has turned into a line that will allow for self expression.

As the child of parents who immigrated over to the United Kingdom from India in the 70’s, our head designer Sejal wanted to create a line that was a showcase of the multitude of cultures she herself grew up surrounded by.

Born and brought up in Wembley, Greater London, there was never a lack of cultural influence — something you take for granted until it’s gone. Having always been a lover of all things cultural and to do with heritage, it was always a struggle to find clothing that brought together all of these separate elements.

It is not unusual for many people to find themselves navigating between two wardrobes. One for everyday and the other for tradition and culture, but what about the days where you want it all rolled into one? Our designs are here to do just this. Bringing together the simple, street styles with the added panache of fabrics and embellishments from all the incredible cultures we are surrounded by.

Mix and match the line to create your own style. Whether it’s a crop top with high waisted trousers and heels or a bomber jacket with a body con dress and trainers, make the looks your own.