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By October 9, 2017Blog

Ah! It’s been a manic month and a half following our official launch of Sejal Anujah Shah and ‘IndoRani’ the couture collection and I’ve finally managed to sit myself down to complete this post.

I am SO excited to share with you the amazing event we had. It showcased the best of my Western upbringing and Indian heritage.

After months of planning, it all came down to one night which has left me on an absolute high. For me, and now us all at Sejal Anujah Shah, standing out is what we strive for.


Start as you mean to go on as they say and at Sejal Anujah Shah we are different.

As a child of immigrants (as British as the crazy duo seems, they were born abroad) I’ve always had to wear Indian clothes to weddings and at Diwali, but I stopped liking what was available in shops pretty early on. I could never find clothes I was comfortable. As a result, I resorted to wearing sari’s only. As the label developed, I knew that a mix of my Western couture experience and love for my Indian heritage was the way to go.

I’m a firm believer in putting in the graft to achieve that best outcome and that’s exactly what we did…

From the venue to the decorating and finally the catering, we ended up doing it all in house (thank you to my familia Shah for being so so so amazing!). I wanted to come out with a bang and push myself outside of my comfort zone.


I had interned at Asiana magazine almost 9 years ago, I was reintroduced to Anisha Vasani (the ex-editor) at the beginning of this year.

We were both embarking on a new journey in business and after a conversation about what I envisioned for the collection and campaign, she completely to work with me on this long-term project. I’ll be honest, she’s become a close friend and we both don’t really know what do with ourselves now that we don’t have to constantly send each other messages about which invitation looks betters, or if we should have dry ice at the location or not (we went without as the crypt was not ready for a Halloween party).

Having put together her dream team for the campaign shoot (if you’ve seen the pictures, you’ll know how insane the images look). Thank you to OMJ Photography, Dil Matharu and Mukhtar Rehman all day every day. There was no way that I would be going for anyone else when it came to the models for the event. I showed them a different concept and they just ran with it.

When we lost our first venue to liquidation, a friend of mine suggested the Crypt gallery. Everything happens for a reason and let me just say, this venue was bigger and better than anything I could have hoped for.

Stripped back, warehouse vibe is a far cry from what I’ve grown up knowing the Asian market to be here in the UK. I wanted edgy and that’s what we served up on a silver platter. I wanted to provide an experience. Different rooms and archways, all with different things to look at. Mannequins, a video room with a fab loop, pictures everything a lot of good food, the interactive photo booth, the models and of course, the main event, the clothes themselves! We made it an interactive experience for all.


We believe that the inside construction is just as vital (if not more) then the outside and so having the collection out on display rails meant everyone could walk through and experience the collection in person.

I’m doing my best to keep this short and sweet – you’ll have plenty of time to get to know us more! But for now, I’ll leave you with this thought…

What we achieved on the evening of the 31st August 2017 is a perfect indication of how we work within the label itself. Let’s be honest, the label is my baby and nobody is going to give more then I do. Endless evenings spend to make sure each item was meticulously finished, it’s all a sacrifice that ultimately results in quality.

Watch this space because we’re about to change the game…

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